Hi, I'm Nuno

I have a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's in fog computing (aka edge computing). Currently, I am taking another master's degree in data science. Yes, I feel the need for learning new things, maybe, the next master's will be about theoretical physics.

My Personal Projects

Giggator VPN

GigggatorVPN is a VPN service that targets traveling people that needs security on the World Wide Web. It's an on-demand VPN service. The user sets the starting day and how many days it will be necessary to have VPN access.

Stack: Javascript, NodeJS, Pug, Apache Cassandra, Stripe, OpenVPN, EASY-RSA, Docker


Talos Computing Platform

Tales is a Fog Computing Platform that brings a new way of developing and deploying software. With this service, you can build any kind of Web application, small to large, alone or with your colleges. Talos, lets you merge cloud and on-premise computations, so you can optimize your budget while improving customer latency.

Stack: Angular, Rust, ActixRS, NodeJS, RabbitMQ, Apache Cassandra, MySQL, Linux, Docker



This is a free, collaborative platform to help researchers to test and develop indoor tracking algorithms using Wi-Fi signal information. To ease the collect data process, we have made an Android Application that can collect WI-FI information even in offline mode, syncing with the server when connected to the Internet.

Stack: AngularJS, Java, Jersey, JPA, Snap, Android, Linux



This is a progressive application with accurate content to improve your mental health. The content is 100% generated by the AI models based on some talk given by some philosopher.

Stack: AngularJS, Javascript, NodeJS, MySQL, Linux, AI



This is an online tool to create systemd unit files. SystemD unit files may contain a huge number of configurations which can be hard to know as also how to use them. With this tool, you can easily search and learn new configurations that improve your running applications.

Stack: AngularJS, Talos



This is an XML Feed Reader application that keeps track of the latest released movies from the most famous tracker. Also adds the metadata like actors, plot, directors, etc, so you can have a little more information that is lacking from XML.

Stack:  Android, Python, Snap, SQLite, Linux, Talos



This is an application that resembles your digital personal music library. This is, only want to see and hear the songs that we really like, in other words, we really like Adele, but not all Adele's songs. In this application, each user will be creating the artists and adding songs that they really enjoy.

Stack:  Android, Angular, MySQL, Linux, Talos


MyPython Packages

PyPi search API alternative with JSON media-type representation. Since PyPi disabled full-text search XML RCP API, I, as developers, find the need to be able to search packages. This tool, as all python packages, with full-text search support and gives you the results ordered by relevance.

Stack:  Python, SQLite, Talos



SVGtoPNG is a free online tool that converts an SVG file into a PNG file. This tool uses only the Browser canvas API to do the conversion and the resize. The user also can resize into multiple dimensions with a custom filename at the same time.

Stack:  HTML, Javascript, Talos



ChatStory is a chat application like Omegle, where you chat with strangers. This application uses HTTP2 Server-Side-Events for the chat implementation. It also performs sentimental analysis where the user can see and react to it.

Stack:  Javascript, NodeJS, HTTP2, AI



SQLFormat is a free online formatter for pretty-printing SQL queries. It uses highlight.js that adds beautiful colors to the formatted query.

Stack:  Javascript, NodeJS, Talos



MyShare is a service like WeTransfer, but for personal use. Users can upload files and folders and visualize the items that will be uploaded. The items uploaded are compressed and stored in your filesystem. You can list uploaded items and generate sharable links.

Stack:  Rust, ActixRS


Recent Posts

DNS over HTTPS on Linux
This is a library that offers name resolution using Cloudflare's REST API for GLibC based operative systems, DoH for short.